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Consulting In Minutes - A - Z Resources Package For Professional Consultants

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Hey, Sam Bakker here,

I am one of the guys behind Social Business Accelerator, a really popular Social Media Marketing site that boasts over 2000 current monthly members. In my time online I have generated a list of over 80,000 subscribers who rely on me and my company to provide the best and most up to date information about Social Media Marketing & Consulting.

The information that I’ve taught to students of mine has resulted in them making into the hundreds of thousands of dollars’ nailing some of the best clients in their local areas.

A big factor of that success has been our ability to teach our customers what they need to establish themselves as a ‘goto’ marketer locally for businesses. One of the ways that has become popular with our subscribers has been our Social Lead System that has shown a number of our customers how to setup their business so all they need to do is focus on generating leads and the money flows in.

This training has worked very well. Customers of ours would spend a few weeks getting everything prepared, their resources, website and branding. From there they would follow our system for generating sales in their local marketing business and money would come in.

"Take a closer
look at
what's inside"


But… dispite the success there was still one BIG problem.
TIME… …many of our customers were working in full time jobs and many of them would have rather driven a nail through their arm than setup everything they needed for their business.

Look, I have to be Frank With You

It’s time to bust a BIG myth right now.
All this crap about going out and getting businesses overnight without
resources, a website or anything other than a ‘simple software’ is all baloney.
You might get lucky and generate a client… a small businesses that’s going to cover your rent for a week. But what happens when you need to pay the bills? You’re running a full time job and you don’t have the patience to go out there and hustle each and every week for a single contract.
You want ‘long term clients’ clients that are going to pay you $1000+ per month for spending a few hours helping their business.

I know for a fact that businesses are in one group or the other.

They want to work with a professional
They want to take an advantage of an amateur

It’s the reason we came up with our new complete package for attracting and signing up the best clients.

Helping customers of ours acquire the ‘right’ type of clients in just a few days.
Here’s the thing: When you got out to dominate a market, you need to save as much time as possible.
It’s where beginners go wrong. They follow some system that tells them to contact every business owner and their mother without any automation. It’d drive anyone crazy.

So we took things to the next logical level…

Why waste time stressing away at where your next pay cheque will come from… attracting the wrong types of clients over and over again… when you can use our simple training system to create your resources yourself based on what we had already done?

But there was one glitch…

No matter how simple we made the training, how easy it was to implement we found that customers just dint have the time to quickly and easily setup their businesses and thus the training went to waste.

So it was time we got building a solution that’d solve this problem…

Look when we finished cooking up this baby, it’d make Mcdonalds franchise look like mince meat… Ok maybe not quite but you get the point…
This system had to deliver all of the proven benefits of our training and do the job like pouring gas over a fire. Nothing like this had ever been created before… honestly, we didn’t know if it could even be done. But we stuck with it and came back with a full system for creating an instant consulting business FAST!

Just look at the RESULTS that we and our beta testers have achieved with our new Consulting In Minutes System…. After just getting the resources up and running – the business setup and simply through emailing businesses…


Finding businesses all around the web that needed help with all kinds of services:

And that’s just one document… we created 9 fully professional and exact documents based on what we’d spent years refining to bring them here for you today:


Instant Local Consultant Professional Tools & Resources Package


How would you like to own the rights to customize, rebrand and use my most professional and useful resources for attracting, signing up and fulfilling services for businesses?

How You Can Use My Resources & Tools To Make Money

You could be the proud owner of the hottest resources & Tools package on the web right now! 100% owned by YOU!


Written For You To Rebrand And Sell (Proven To Convert)


In this package you are going to get everything you need to run a successful Offline
Marketing Business (whatever you are selling)

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Value: $297


Ever wanted a clear document stating the services you own? Professionally written so that you can feel confident that if you show it to a business they’ll see services they want to signup for. This document is critical when talking with a business and leaving them something they can reference as they look at paying you for your services. Change this document as you like and use the services in this document as a guide as to what you can offer in your own offline marketing business. Whether you are selling Mobile apps, Social Media Services, SEO, Video Marketing or anything else you can use this document and create a professional services guide for your clients.

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Value: $47


Whats the secret to selling your offline marketing services? Solving a problem! This is what we call a ‘selection tree’ and it is a graphic that leads businesses to the solution that is right for their business that actually solves the right problem for them. This is your secret weapon for any clients that you go to signup. It has been created for social media however you can edit this easily or pass it onto your designer to edit. Base your own questions on these and you’ll be able to improve your sales conversion rate no matter what the service.

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Value: $97


Are you having trouble pricing your services? Do you want a specialized professional pricing plan you can customize for your own services? This pricing plan is going to make it so simple to charge businesses for your services. Finally here’s a clear guide you can base your pricing on.

splitter local

Value: $97


What questions should you ask a business before starting to work with them? You’re going to have a set of questions that we’ve researched and found the be the most important when entering a project with a business. If a business doesn’t feel like you are asking the right questions they can pull out. This will ensure that there is little likely hood of that ever happening.

splitter local

Value: $697


The most important of all documents, the proposal document. Professionally prepared to make it easy to send off proposals businesses want to accept. This has been prepared to ensure you have a high percentage of signups after meeting with a business and it can be customized very easily to suit your needs whatever service you are offering.

splitter local

Value: $497


A strategy for online marketing, mobile marketing, social media or other is essential to create before starting any long term project with a business. You’re getting a full social media strategy template for Social Media marketing that can be changed for any offline marketing service that you choose.

splitter local

Value: $97


Order forms are difficult to create and there are certain features an order form must have. If the order form doesn’t have the right features a businesses perception of you could be hurt. This order form template can be easily customized to suit your business and looks very professional.

splitter local

Value: $1500


Terms and Conditions contract. This is one of the most essential documents you need to run a successful and legal offline marketing business. Have businesses sign this contract as an agreement to start work on a project. This one document alone cost me $1500 but it’s yours today as part of this package. Make sure you have a local lawyer read over this and make adjustments if required for your local state. This is a BIG head start and it’s going to save you potentially thousands of dollars having it to use with businesses.

splitter local

Value: $1400


Have you ever feared a contractor could steal important information from your business about your industry, or use something against your business. Have them sign this document so that you are legally protected from that happening. This document cost $1400 to create and it’s going to protect your business, strategy and clients from being stolen and taken elsewhere.

Not only am I going to give you this amazing set of done for you resources & tools that you can use to signup businesses day in day out I am also including the training system that goes along with it. It’s going to teach you how to create edit and use these resources in your own business effectively.


This Includes Training On EVERYTHING So You Can Have Your Business Up And Running With All These Resources Fully Branded And Ready To Use Whatever Service You Are
Selling In 24 Hours Or Less!

You could potentially make thousands off these the first week alone if you implement them in your business with the right types of businesses.

Also I’m going to throw in the following MASSIVE bonus package


Bonus 1 – Your Very Own Website! – Value $1500


I put my thinking cap on and thought “What would BLOW everyone away as part of this package?” So I decided to go OVER the top and give you free access to a complete Wordpress website that cost me $1500 to create that will show case all of your services, generate leads, allow you to rank in Google as a ‘professional’ and more! If you have ever wanted to get a automatic website that sells your services 24/7 here you go. It’s professional and it’s going to allow you to generate even more online business as you build your very own subscriber list!

Bonus #2 – Local Video Takeoff – Create Your Very Own Video Marketing Business In 20 Minutes Or Less – Value $297

You’re also getting access to local video takeoff. This full marketing system is going to give you the power to take our resources and start your very own local marketing video business. Here’s a preview of the videos you’ll be able to customize to any business in minutes and on-sell:

And the training is simple as 1, 2, 3:

This system is going to give you all that you need to sell video to businesses for $497 over and over again. What kind of an impact will it make learning the skills of a professional video marketer?

Bonus #3 – Facebook Marketing Timeline Graphics Kit Value $97


What Resources and tools package would be complete without a full and comprehensive graphics kit to promote your business on Facebook? Here’s our 6 BEST designs for Facebook timeline covers for you to edit and make your own. Choose which one you’d like and use the others with clients if you’d like selling them Facebook services. An additional FREE bonus today when you get access to this package.

Bonus 4 – 2 X Promotional Audio With Resell Rights – Value $297

This promotional audio was created by a sound professional local to me. You can use this in promotional video material or audio material you or your client require. It comes royalty free and usually these audios would sell for at least $100 a piece. Yours as a FREE bonus in this package.

Bonus #5: Consulting In Minutes VIP Workshop – RRP: $197


You’re also going to get access as part of this package to a full 90 minute training workshop where I’m going to reveal how to take your consulting business to the next level. In this 90 minute session you’ll be able to answer any question you want as I reveal to you a special system that you can get up and running to advance your business and signup clients FAST. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before and already we’ve had a number of success stories come through as a result of this unique lead generation system. All will be revealed in a revealing webinar you’ll be registered in to when you get access to this package.

Here’s a Break Down Of What You Will Be Able To Do After Claiming This Offer Today!You get The Instant Local Consultant Resources & Tools Package.

You Get All This!

This Includes:

Instant Local Consultant Services Menu Value: $297
Instant Local Consultant Selection Tree Template Value: $47
Instant Local Consultant Pricing Plan Template Value: $97
Instant Local Consultant Questionnaire Template Value: $97
Instant Local Consultant Proposal Template Value: $697
Instant Local Consultant Strategy Template Value: $497
Instant Local Consultant Order Form Template Value: $97
Instant Local Consultant Terms & Conditions Contract Value: $1500
Instant Local Consultant Contractor Agreement Document Value: $1400
Instant Local Consultant Branding Guide Value: $197
Instant Local Consultant Resources & Tools Training Value: $47

You don’t just get the main system, resources, Branding Guides, Training Videos but you also get the following unique and highly valuable bonuses.

Bonus Available With This Package


Bonus #1: Your Very Own Website!
Value: $1500


Bonus #2 – Local Video Takeoff – Create Your Very Own Video Marketing Business In 20 Minutes Or Less
Value $297


Bonus #3: Facebook Marketing Timeline Graphics Kit
Value: $97


Bonus #4: 2 X Promotional Audio With Resell Rights
Value: $297


Bonus #5: Special ‘Next Level’ LIVE Training Workshop
Value: $197

That’s a combined value of $6770.00

Now you can see the value I am giving you today and for a package of professionally designed done for you resources and tools you would be expecting to pay thousands of dollars (Not including all of the other bonuses, website and audios). But I’m not going to charge you anything close to that today.

You can get my entire collection of professional done for you resources & Tools, videos with complete video training on how to edit the package all for just…

Consulting In Minutes - A - Z Resources Package For Professional Consultants

What Are You Waiting For

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I’m so sure you are going to love this package and I don’t want you to miss out on this incredible limited time offer.

WARNING: I believe in my products and I don’t want you to buy if you don’t think this is for you. There will be NO REFUNDS given if you buy this product. I have carefully packaged this up over the past 6 months and I know how good it is. If you purchase be aware that we will NOT be issuing refunds because we know this system is quality. The industry relies on vendors standing by their products. IF I was to offer a refund policy I would be going against what I believe in which is sensible buying decisions and ACTION! Our refund policy can also be read here. There are going to be no refunds given on this product so make sure you make a decision knowing there is no ‘get out of jail free card’. You are required to put this system to work if you want it to pay back for you.

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I'm Sam Bakker and I thank you for reading this page.

I can't tell you how excited I am to see you succeeding helping businesses


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Consulting In Minutes - A - Z Resources Package For Professional Consultants

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